Setting VPN4HK


    1、Windows XP PPTP VPN Setup

    Step 1 - In the "Network Connections" and click on "Create a new connection".

    Step 2 - Click "Next"

    Step 3 - In the "Network connection type", select "Connect to my workplace network".

    Step 4 - Select "Virtual Private Network connection".

    Step 5 - Select "Do not dial the initial connection".

    Step 6 - Enter the VPN4HK account and password, click "connect".

    Step 7 - VPN connection is successfully created, now you can enjoy fast Internet service.

    2、Windows 7 PPTP VPN Setup

    Step 1 - Open the "Control panel", click "View network status and tasks".

    Step 2 - Click "Set up a new connection or network".

    Step 3 - Select "Connect to the workspace", click "Next step".

    Step 4 - Select "No, create a new connection", click "Next step".

    Step 5 - Select "Use my internet connection".

    Step 6 - Fill in the VPN4HK server address and target name (optional), click "Next step".

    Step 7 - Enter the VPN4HK account and password, "Domain" do not fill, click "connect".

    Step 8 - VPN connection is successfully created, now you can enjoy fast Internet service.

    3、Mac OS PPTP VPN Setup

    Step 1 - Click on the desktop "System Preferences" icon to enter the settings.

    Step 2 - Click "Network" and enter the network settings.

    Step 3 - Click the "Create a new service", add new VPN service.

    Step 4 - "Interface" column select "VPN", "VPN Type" column select "PPTP", Feel free to fill in the service name field, and then click on "Create".

    Step 5 - Fill VPN server IP address in the "Server Address" field, Fill Your Account in the "Account Name" field, Encryption select "Automatic (128 bit or 40 bit)", Then click on the "Authentication Settings".

    Step 6 - In the dialog box that appears, enter your VPN password, then click "OK".

    Step 7 - Click "Advanced" button, select "Send all traffic over VPN connection", and then click "OK"

    Step 8 - Click "Connect" to connect to the VPN server.

    4、Iphone OS PPTP VPN Setup

    Step 1 - Click the "Settings" icon on the phone to enter the set.
    Step 2 - Click "General" to enter the general settings.
    Step 3 - Click "Network" and enter the network settings (part of the Iphone will directly jump into the fourth step).
    Step 4 - Click "VPN" into the VPN settings (part of the Iphone in the "General" menu you can directly see the "VPN" option).

    Step 5 - Click "Add VPN Configuration".

    Step 6 - In accordance with the following diagram, the protocol type, select "PPTP", fill in the "Description" field "VPN", in the "Server" field to fill in the the VPN server address, fill in the account and password fields with your vpn account and password, other settings remain unchanged, then click the "Save", Note that the encryption level must select automatically.

    Step 7 - Click "VPN" switch can open the VPN connection, the connection is successful, iphone top right corner VPN small icon and VPN connected directly, such as: "Connection: 0.19"

    5、Android PPTP VPN Setup

    Step 1 - Open the phone settings menu, select "Wireless and network", and then enter the VPN settings option.

    Step 2 - VPN settings, select "Add VPN network".

    Step 3 - Select VPN "PPTP" began to enter detailed settings options, VPN option is set: VPN name can be any name, VPN server is set to the VPN server address, after setting, click "Save".

    Step 4 - Next, press the Back button to return to the VPN settings bar, click on the VPN name to open the dial-up window just set, enter your account and password, click "Connect", the connection is completed, you can use the VPN network related operations or the freedom to access the Internet.

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